Hi:) My name is Bella, I find about me’s very cringe worthy, but since you clicked “about” I’m assuming you want to know more about me!

I was born in Germany, moved to San Antonio, Texas for the better half of my childhood, then ended up in boarding school in Switzerland for high school. I went to college in D.C. then moved to NYC, where I always dreamt of living. 

After living in NYC for two years, I met and fell in love with my boyfriend. An opportunity came up for us to move to Amsterdam- so we said why not! We packed our bags and moved. 

I am now living in the Netherlands, and navigating my new life here as an expat. I love travelling ( I mean who doesn’t?) fitness, food (and tequila)! All of these things bring me immense joy and I want to share everything with you-my personalised travel itineraries, my workout routines, and all my favorite restaurants/bars. :)

I am currently a barre instructor and studying to become a personal trainer. I want people to feel amazing on the inside and out that is why I want to share my love for both fitness, food and travelling. Life is about balance and if you truly want it, you can have it all!