My name is Isabella Samaniego-Clark, but I go by Bella Clark. I have a colorful background being the daughter of a diplomat and a lawyer and grew up moving around a significant amount. I was born in Germany, moved to Texas at age five, relocated to Washington, D.C. for a year in high school and landed at boarding school in Switzerland where my true passion for food and travel was ignited. I then attended American University in D.C. and found myself living in New York City after I graduated with a B.S. in Business and Entertainment. 

'About Me's' make me cringe so I’m sorry in advance. I enjoy a lot of things, but food (especially sushi) and travel probably take the cake. Oh and tequila- I’m convinced tequila is the answer to most problems. 

This is where I'll share places that I've been, food that I've eaten, workouts i've endured and experiences I've had along the way. Check back here for updates or feel free to get in touch:)

Oh and if you want check me out on Relationshep on Bravo TV airing Mondays at 10pm EST. 



All Blog photos on this site were taken by Bella B. Clark