Waverly Inn

I have been dying to come here ever since reading the Andy Cohen diaries,  in which he talks about coming to this spot pretty often. Waverly has been around for a while, so I was skeptical of the quality of food. After finally scoring a reservation, I was very impressed with not only the atmosphere but the food. It’s super cozy, vibey classic NYC style restaurant. It is a a bit of a scene, I mean naturally- it was in Andy Cohen’s book after all, but more of a classic old school NYC scene. The food itself was shockingly good. I would have never in my life ordered pot pie off of a menu but all my friends swear by it, and of course they were right. The pot pie is a MUST. The steak, scallops and burrata are also very very good. The duck was average- definitely not the place to get it if your in the mood. The wine list here is great so definitely go with someone who knows their shit. Highly recommend for a romantic date night or double date spot.

Cuisine: American/ British

Location: West Village

Vibe: Cozy, romantic

Favorites: Pot Pie, Burrata, fries

Money:  $$$$

Bowery Meat Company

I'll preface with the fact that I’m not a huge steak person, but if I'm every craving one I would definitely come here. I'm a downtown girl so the fact that this is in Bowery and usually has availability makes me partial to this place. The vibes are pretty good too, it's dark and modern and they play good music here. Steak houses can sometimes feel really old to me but this place has managed to not feel as stuffy, playing great music in an open space. Good for date night or a power lunch. Obviously can't go wrong with the Chateaubriand for 2 or a classic Filet Mignon with a great red wine.

Cuisine: Steak

Location: Bowery       

Vibe: Sceney, classic

Favorites: Filet Mignon

Money: $$$$

Bluestone Lane

Ok if you know me then you know my weird obsession with Australian Brunch spots in NYC. It's this strange phenomena to me, like who would have ever thought that "Australian brunch" was a category of food? But I'll tell you what i'm sooo glad it is. A few notes on what exactly an Australian brunch place is: Firstly, it's a very Instagrammable place. The lighting is good, everything is rustic- very cute and curated.  Secondly, there is always a wait. You are guaranteed to wait 45min-2 hours. Thirdly, there is always always some sort of "bowl" on the menu- my literal trigger word. Wake up Saturday morning craving a breakfast bowl? Bet your ass any Australian cafe in NYC will have one. As someone who loves to eat out but is also very conscious of what I eat, the bowl is the perfect option. It's basically a bunch of healthy ingredients perfectly placed in a bowl, and you can add in chicken, salmon or steak. If there's a bowl option on the menu 10/10 I’m ordering it. Obviously always with added salmon (see photo below). You can get other heartier options like breakfast sandwich on brioche and banana bread. The coffee is also great here, love their iced cappuccinos with almond milk. The one in West Village has great outdoor seating-ideal for people watching on the weekend. This is definitely a repeat place in my books- go with your man, your friends, yourself, just don’t go hangry because you will have to wait.

Cuisine: Australian, Brunch

Location: West Village

Vibe: Cute, Trendy

Favorites: Breakfast Bowl, Avocado Toast

Money: $$


Sadelle’s has salmon towers and sticky buns, enough said. Major Food group really knows what they are doing, and this place is no exception. It is everything you would expect in a NYC brunch spot plus they take reservations- very rare! It’s Jewish, located in a converted old warehouse with waiters who wear uniforms. You can see the guy at the front cutting your salmon with such concentration you know it has to be good. Everything on this menu is fantastic, but if you go here and don’t order salmon and bagels-it would be criminal. Their chive cream cheese has to be at least 50% butter and their bagels are toasted to perfection. Always always get the tower, because well not only does it taste amazing, but it makes for a great Insta story. While they only serve black coffee here i'll take that down fall for the sticky buns here. These are incredible, if your sweet tooth kicks in after all that fish definitely get these. If you are visiting or have someone visiting you in NYC this place is a must.

Cuisine: Bagels, Brunch, Jewish

Location: Soho

Vibe: Chic, Trendy

Favorites: Salmon tower, whitefish salad

Money: $$$

Two Hands

Two Hands is another typical super hip super instagrammable Australian Brunch spot. This one seems like it was actually created for the Insta rather than for the food. To me, you can't really go wrong with Australian brunch but I must say it's my least favorite one on the list. I think it might be TOO healthy if that's possible? Also expect at least an hour wait. Good for girls brunch and if you want a good pic. Otherwise try any of the other Australian brunches on my list first and THEN go here.

Cuisine: Australian, Brunch

Location: Nolita

Vibe: Cute, Trendy

Favorites: Breakfast Plate

Money: $$


Narcissa is one of the classier brunch spots you'll find in the East Village. Located in the Standard, it's a cute place with pretty good food and usually has availability. If you're really craving a typical American brunch spot with a good salmon platter and other hearty options like steak and eggs this is a solid choice. Great if you are looking to do brunch outdoors in the warmer months, perfect for people watching. Cappuccino's pretty good too. Good for a brunch date or girls breakfast.

Cuisine: American

Location: Bowery, East Village

Vibe: Modern

Favorites: Salmon Platter

Money: $$$