Bluestone Lane

Ok if you know me then you know my weird obsession with Australian Brunch spots in NYC. It's this strange phenomena to me, like who would have ever thought that "Australian brunch" was a category of food? But I'll tell you what i'm sooo glad it is. A few notes on what exactly an Australian brunch place is: Firstly, it's a very Instagrammable place. The lighting is good, everything is rustic- very cute and curated.  Secondly, there is always a wait. You are guaranteed to wait 45min-2 hours. Thirdly, there is always always some sort of "bowl" on the menu- my literal trigger word. Wake up Saturday morning craving a breakfast bowl? Bet your ass any Australian cafe in NYC will have one. As someone who loves to eat out but is also very conscious of what I eat, the bowl is the perfect option. It's basically a bunch of healthy ingredients perfectly placed in a bowl, and you can add in chicken, salmon or steak. If there's a bowl option on the menu 10/10 I’m ordering it. Obviously always with added salmon (see photo below). You can get other heartier options like breakfast sandwich on brioche and banana bread. The coffee is also great here, love their iced cappuccinos with almond milk. The one in West Village has great outdoor seating-ideal for people watching on the weekend. This is definitely a repeat place in my books- go with your man, your friends, yourself, just don’t go hangry because you will have to wait.

Cuisine: Australian, Brunch

Location: West Village

Vibe: Cute, Trendy

Favorites: Breakfast Bowl, Avocado Toast

Money: $$