Waverly Inn

I have been dying to come here ever since reading the Andy Cohen diaries,  in which he talks about coming to this spot pretty often. Waverly has been around for a while, so I was skeptical of the quality of food. After finally scoring a reservation, I was very impressed with not only the atmosphere but the food. Itโ€™s super cozy, vibey classic NYC style restaurant. It is a a bit of a scene, I mean naturally- it was in Andy Cohenโ€™s book after all, but more of a classic old school NYC scene. The food itself was shockingly good. I would have never in my life ordered pot pie off of a menu but all my friends swear by it, and of course they were right. The pot pie is a MUST. The steak, scallops and burrata are also very very good. The duck was average- definitely not the place to get it if your in the mood. The wine list here is great so definitely go with someone who knows their shit. Highly recommend for a romantic date night or double date spot.

Cuisine: American/ British

Location: West Village

Vibe: Cozy, romantic

Favorites: Pot Pie, Burrata, fries

Money:  $$$$