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3 Things You need in Amsterdam

3 Things You need in Amsterdam

Ok so It’s been about a month since I moved to Amsterdam (yay!). If you are coming to visit anytime soon, or plan on moving here- then here is a list of things you absolutely need.

1) A bike

People will tell you this over and over, and (unlike me) you should listen! You can get anywhere in the city within 15 minutes by bike. Walking takes 4 times the amount of time and the tram can be a bit pricey (3 euros fir an hour). If you are here for a weekend then I suggest renting one- typically 21 euros for 2 days. If you live here and don’t have a bike yet- get a used one. Trust me, I wanted a sparkly new cute bike but if you do this, it is more likely than not going to get stolen.

2) A rain jacket/ umbrella

It literally will start raining out of no where, and almost without a doubt, rains everyday. It can be completely sunny out and it will start to pore. Be prepared!

3) Cash

Not a lot of placed take Amex/ Visa. One of the biggest shocks to us was that their biggest grocery stores (Albert Heijn) doesn’t take any major credit cards, only Maestro or Cash so come prepared!

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