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4 Best coffee spots in Amsterdam

4 Best coffee spots in Amsterdam

Ok, so first off let me clarify something I was not aware of before moving here. A "‘cofee shop” like you would google in America- does not mean like your morning cappuccino. In Amsterdam a coffee shop is where you can go to buy/ smoke weed. However, this blog post will be about the best places to actually get coffee in Amsterdam! Enjoy:)

1) Pluk

Pluk has two locations in Jordaan/ City Center. The place itself is super cute and has a nice outside are. The cappuccinos are really good, and the pastries inside look unreal.


2) C & T Coffee and Coconuts

C & T has great cappuccinos, not to mention it is very Instagrammable. Situated in the heart of De Pijp it has 3 floors so there are plenty of spots to chill. Highly recommend!


3) Toki

Toki is a really quaint coffee spot in Jordaan area. Great environment for working or meeting on a coffee date!

4) Cafe Blond

If your lucky enough and the weather is nice, this place is great to sit outside and people watch. Coffee is good and they serve stroopwaffles with your cup!

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