Bangkok, Thailand

I have this weird obsession with Asia, and it's been on my travel bucket list from the day I can remember so finally going to Thailand in 2016 was a dream come true . Asian cultural really fascinates me and obviously the food is one of my favorite cuisines. If i had to chose my last meal on earth it would 10000% be sushi. SO I finally booked the Asian trip of my dreams my senior year of college, my 4 friends and I were going to Bangkok for NYE, Koh Samui right after and then Hong Kong for a few days. This was by far one of the most incredible trips I have ever been on. I absolutely fell in love with Thailand. Everything from the food, culture, architecture, massages etc.  I stayed with a good friend of mine in Bangkok who is from there so thankfully we had her as an amazing tour guide. She knew all the best restaurants/bars/ spas to take us to ( and thank god because there are too many options) so I had a top notch experience. All of the food was incredible, and I gained a new appreciation for my spice tolerance. I LOVE spicy food, but you haven’t really tried spicy until you've had proper Thai food- truly eye watering. Not to mention the mango sticky rice, so delicious. The only thing that really took me by surprise here is that you can't buy alcohol from 2-5pm due to religious reasons. But whatever ideal nap time anyway. 

I'm also obsessed with the mode of transportation there- via tuk-tuk  or on the back of someone's motorcycle.moped. Tuk-tuk are these open air rickshaws on 3 wheels that have benches in place of seats- and if you haven't sped down a heavily trafficked area in one of these it's a must try. Another great aspect in Bangkok were the cheap massage- I mean $10 for the most incredible massage of your life?!? Makes the 24 hour+ travel day so worth it.  This trip changed me, I consider my life split into PRE Asia trip and POST Asia trip. It reignited the itch I have to travel and see/ experience other cultures and I cannot wait for the day to get back to Thailand.

Food: Sala ratanakosin, din tai fung, grand palace, Street dumplings (from vendors) Four Seasons (for dunplings) , Ruen Urai 

Nightlife: Sing Sing, Vogue (rooftop), Le bua (rooftop) 

Things to do: Go to  markets and temples, so much to see in the city