Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has been on my wish list for as long as I can remember. Growing up I always begged my parents to take me, but it was too far and too expensive to manage at the time. Once I was old enough, I moved onto pestering my friends to go with me, but a lot of them didn’t have the same desire I did, nor the time and money to make it happen. The culture, the food the people- every single thing that I read and saw about Japan fascinated me. Not to mention my obsession with Sushi, what better place to satisfy my craving for sushi then the birthplace of it all?? So for years I had been dreaming about it, putting it on the back burner until it was the right time. This year I had a very vivid dream about actually being in Japan, or what I imagine Japan to be. One day i told my boyfriend, not matter what WE ARE GOING TO TOKYO THIS YEAR. Few weeks later we picked a random week to go in late May/ early April and booked it. Now I could go on for hours about my experience in Japan. It was the most amazing place I think I have been thus far. It exceeded my expectations. Everyone there is so incredibly sweet and very accomodating. The food is on another planet, the food markets are unbelievable. The culture is fascinating. The public transportation is unparalleled. Everything about it is simply perfect. We booked our trip pretty far in advance for my standards, about 6 months, so I gathered a lot of friends itineraires and did as much research as I could following up- but you can never be fully prepared until you arrive. There is just so much to see and do, it’s nearly impossible to fit it all in. We were so incredibly lucky and booked our trip at prime Sakura season (cherry blossoms) so it was by far one of the most beautiful times to go to Japan. We spent 9 days there- 7 nights in Tokyo, 1 in Osaka and 1 in Kyoto. Each city is so unique that I will write about each one separately.

The amazing thing about Tokyo is that you can be there for a full week, exploring the city for 12 hours a day and still only scratch the surface. Each neighborhood is so unique, and has its own beautiful touch that they are all worth exploring. And the food, my god. THE FOOD, I can’t even put into writing how amazing the food is there. Anything from the street market food, 3 Michelin star restaurants to 7/11 food is AMAZING. That’s right, even the 7/11 food is good there, it’s a thing- google it. To sum it up, Japan is an unbelievable place and everyone should go there at least once in their life. I am counting down the days till the next time I find myself there. If you are lucky enough to go, here is my exact itinerary with recommendations: You truly can’t go wrong here so just get your ass on a plane and GO!

Personal Itinerary