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Kanoyama is great because it’s a very versatile spot. You can go for just a casual sushi dinner or you can go drop $400 on a 15 course Omakase with Nobuson (which I highly recommend). The sushi quality is great here and I like to call this sort of place “clean sushi” meaning they don’t do rolls with stuff like spicy crunch or cream cheese in them. You get sashimi and pretty basic rolls and that’s that. I had originally tried this spot before I knew about their Omakase in the back of the restaurant. My first impression was MEH, it's good but i've definitely had better. The place is very brightly lit so not a great ambiance for a first date. It's great for sushi lovers who want a good Omakase in a somewhat casual setting.

Cuisine: Sushi, Omakase

Location: East Village, NYC

Vibe: Casual, Modern

Favorites: Omakase

Money: $$$$

Tim Ho Wan