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Oiji is the definition of a hidden gem in NYC. It’s never too busy, the food is great, service is good and the ambiance is cute. I’m not sure why this place doesn’t have more hype than it does- but glad there isn't a line out the door. It’s a very inconspicuous place in the heart of East Village. Everything on the menu here is fantastic. They do shareable portions- which is also a trigger for me. I love to try everything on a menu so this is the ideal situation. I suggest trying literally as much as you can, the fried chicken, pork belly, baby octopus, scallops and butter rice . This place also happens to have my favorite dessert in NYC. If you told me that I would say one of my favorite desserts included ice cream and potato chips I would say you're crazy. You truly have to try this dish for yourself- vanilla ice cream with potatoes chips that have been deep fried in butter and honey are to die for. It’s one of those things you have once and you wake up months later drooling over. This place is dark so good for dates.

Cuisine: Korean

Location: East Village, NYC

Vibe: Modern, Chic

Favorites: Fried Chicken, Honey butter chips with ice cream 

Money: $$$

Sushi By Bou