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I’ll start with the fact that I am a huge sushi lover, and I love nothing more than an amazing Omakse. I mean 10+ pieces of sushi presented to me piece by piece on a platter is obviously going to have me feeling things not to mention you don’t even have to look at a menu and decide, you have no choice! It’s truly fantastic to me. While I am still working through a vast must-try Omakase spots in NYC, Shuko takes the cake so far. I say this because of the combination of the food and atmosphere. I opted for the Kaiseki option, meaning there was more than just sushi involved but also non traditional items such as wagyu. I am not a sushi purist by any means so I love when great Omakases add a little fun to the tasting menu. The atmosphere is also really cozy here, when you step through the doors it feels like you are entering some hip speakeasy bar in lower Manhattan, when in reality you are stepping into a 4 star Japanese restaurant. They play a great range of music and there are about 4 tables and then bar seating. This place is great for date night and obviously if you are a sushi lover. Highly suggest. 

Cuisine: Japanese, Omakase

Location: East Village

Vibe: Cozy

Favorites: Omakase

Money: $$$$


Babu Ji