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Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho wan is an acclaimed Dim Sum restaurant based in Hong Kong. I went to the original location 2 years ago and have been craving it ever since. Naturally when one opened up in East Village I had to go. Every time I tried to go there was a line wrapped around the block, so I’ve been discouraged for months. I finally bit the bullet and went even though the wait was still 45 minutes, it was worth it. While this is not my favorite dim sum spot in NYC, it is pretty great. The pork buns, rice noodles and sticky rice are my favorites. The interior is a typical modern vibe, go here with someone who loves dumplings as much as you do. This is a traditional cantonese style dim sum,  so you went get a huge variety, and sadly no xia long bao.

Cuisine: Dim Sum , Cantonese

Location: East Village

Vibe: Modern  

Favorites: Bake pork Buns

Money: $$

Bond St