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The Bao

The Bao used to be one of the best places in NYC to get soup dumplings, so much so it’s literally called The Bao. It’s Sunday morning, i’m hungover and the only thing that could possibly cure this is a fantastic soup dumpling, so naturally I find myself in an uber to The Bao. After being seated, I notice there’s something missing from the menu- the bao. They are literally not serving soup dumplings anymore. Ironic to be called The Bao when you literally don't serve the product. Anyway, when I got over my frustration and ordered everything else on the menu, I was actually pleasantly surprised. The dan dan noodles, wontons in chili oil and friend dumplings are great.  The space is cute but pretty brightly lit, go on a date or with another avid soup dumpling fan. There’s also noe massive table in the middle so avoid being sat there.  It’s in the heart of St. Marks so great if you want to walk around after to grab a drink this is a great location.

Cuisine: Chinese

Location: East Village

Vibe: Casual

Favorites: Wontons in Chili oil, Dan Dan noodles, fried pork dumplings in soup

Money: $$$

Babu Ji

Omakase Room by Tatsu