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Omakase Room by Tatsu

This 8 seat traditional Japanese omakase spot in West Village is fantastic. Chef Tatsuya likes to focus on very different fishes, he hails from sushi Yasuda so brings some of his background knowledge from there and adds his own spin on things. There are not a lot of extra flavors- pure fish. The space is very traditional- brightly lit, all wood. Its very small so make sure you don't bring someone who will make a nuisance. Chef Tatsuya is freaking adorable and doesnt stop smiling, also make sure to not move your sushi tray from the top counter and OF COURSE eat your sushi with your hands. he will correct your western technique if you dare attempt.

Cuisine: Omakase, Japanese

Location: West Village

Vibe: Modern

Favorites: Scallop 

Money: $$$$$

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