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Cote is a place you come to for the experience AND the food. It's a super high-quality Korean steakhouse where everything is grilled in front of you and served with sides. Unlike traditional Korean Steakhouses where you are meant to cook the meat yourself, this place does it for you. So you literally don’t have to lift a finger. The tables are also massive here, you can hardly hear the person across from you- so this is either a great thing or a downfall. They have a tasting menu option for $40 and you get 4 different cuts of meat. Definitely worth it to do this as you get a good range of steaks. The steak is absolutely divine and the atmosphere is fun and feels like a nice night out.  I would recommend coming with a small group, maybe 4-6 people. Hard af to get a res so you better have a restaurant whisperer on the case!

Cuisine: Korean, Steak

Location: Flatiron

Vibe: Modern

Favorites: Wagyu

Money: $$$$