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Equinox Bond St

First and foremost let me talk about my gym of choice. Equinox Bondst, which is like a second home to me  (and I pay the rent to prove it) If I don't check in at least 4 times a week, i'm either on vacation or deathly ill. Not only is this Equinox located only 2 doors down from my favorite sushi spot- Bond St but it is also only 3 doors down for the infamous Hadid/Baldwin residency where a cackle of paparazzi can be found at any time of day. Oh and not to mention, every single guy there is at least a 7/10 although the likelihood they are all there for a Grindr meet up is 10/10. I have also gotten many great recommendations from other women in the locker room here. I mean I guess if we are all crazy enough to pay the monthly equinox fee we must all have something in common. Crowd aside- the facility is actually pretty nice and not too overcrowded if you avoid going weeknights 6-9pm and Saturday day, so basically be unemployed or a job where you can "make your own hours" and go around 10:30am or 4pm- when everyone else is at their respective jobs. I'll do a full breakdown of classes/ instructors below.

Intensity: Up to you


Box + Flow