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Physique 57

I love barre in general and consider it my go to workout when i'm super hungover. It's a great workout but you're not doing movements that would make you vom up all the tequila from the night prior. Most barre studios are very similar to me, however, Physique 57 is the only one that is different. I am obsessed with this place, it's way way harder than most and has more cardio and “dancing” involved. As someone who trains a lot and does a lot of HIIT and strength, I was skeptical of barre in general at first and thought Physique would be a walk in the park for me, but boy was I wrong. This works muscles you didn’t even think you had. The thigh portions of this class might actually be considered torture, I've been here too many times to count at this point and I can hardly make it through the full thighs and butt portion. If you want to feel like a match has been set off on your legs definitely come here. This place is fun and it’s a really hard workout. Whenever I feel like my butt is getting saggy I come straight here.

Intensity: Hard