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If you live in NYC and are a female who has gone to a fitness class before, or follows any VS model, you have probably seen/heard of Rumble. This place has REALLY capitalized on the whole fitness Instagram movement. The founders of this place literally ripped of Barry’s boot camp and replaced the treadmill with punching bags and paid a bunch of models and influencers to pretend like they go here often- fair play. I was soo resilient to try this place, because it has been splashed all over my Insta feed for the past few months, but I finally caved and bought a class. Now I absolutely love boxing, I think it’s a great workout and good way to let go of some of your anger. Before I proceed with this, I will say that I thought this was a boxing class rather it’s a boxing INSPIRED class (great marketing ploy here). So I was a little disappointed to find out I wouldn’t actually be sparing with someone, but I digress…Step into the dark class room that resembles a Barry’s studio room, DJ booth front and center with bags to the left and “floor” to the right the space. This feels more like a Brooklyn warehouse party than a workout class, but hey I’m here for it. You can choose to start on the bags or floor and switch between the 2 twice making for 4 rounds. I opted to start on the bags, the instructor yells at you what to do while the mirror monitors conveniently tell you what to do in case you get lost. Overall I think this was a fun class, but I’ve definitely had harder workouts and I would by no means consider this actual boxing. Also don't suggest going hungover the lights may send you into a downward spiral.

Intensity: Medium

Box + Flow

Physique 57