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Box + Flow

Workout: This hour long class mixes boxing and yoga and I couldn't love the combo more. It's not something you would typically think of together but I'm all for it. The "Highs & Lows" as founder- Olivia Young- refers to it compliment each other in a great way. This class is great if you have a lot of pent up anger/ energy or whatever other shit you have going on in your life and want to whale on a bag for 45 minutes. After your done letting it all out, you move to the yoga portion of the class (the last 15 minutes) and it's pretty relaxing. While it's not traditional boxing as in sparing a partner, you are still hitting a bag for the majority of the class. I honestly haven't sweat that much in a while. The studio itself is small, but they provide gloves and mat and has all the essential stuff. Love this concept, definitely will be going back.

Instructors:  Liv probably has to be my favorite trainer here. She has SOO much energy and her intensity is infectious.I haven't sweat that much in a while. Rich is also amazing, he is super sweet yet knows how to push you. 

Space: The space is small and dark, but has this griddy feel that I love. There is no waiting area, so be sure you don't get there too early. There are also no showers, so make this an after work thing when you can go home to shower! 

Intensity: Hard 

Equinox Bond St