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Workout: Brick is a CrossFit gym located in Chelsea and Grand Central. DO NOT let the "Cross Fit" title discourage you from going here!! When I first heard of this place and saw the words cross fit, I was like no thank you not for me! Eventually, I worked up the courage to go to a B|X class and I am so glad I did. Brick is now one of my favorite gyms in NYC and a part of my weekly workout routine. It offers a really great strength and cardio challenge that I welcome.  Brick offers two classes-B|X  and Bfit, where B|X is a HIIT class BFit is more of a CrossFit class. I prefer B|X, but we all have our personal preferences! B|X classes always include 3 different cardio machines (the True form treadmill, rower, and air bike), as well as various CrossFit moves such as kettlebell swings, dumbbell presses and medicine ball burpees. The set-up is different every week-which i LOVE because I get bored really easily. It's typically EMOM style (every minute on the minute) or 45 seconds on 15 seconds off with 3 different moves at each station- typically a total of 4 stations. 

Instructors: Not only is this a great workout but the instructors and the space are amazing! Katie is one of my favorite instructors at the Chelsea location. She is super sweet and walks you through every single move. She's also great at correcting you if you are in bad form. 

Space:  The space at the Chelsea location is almost comically large for Manhattan. With 2 levels and 3 different studios, a juice bar area and a couch area to lounge, it's safe to say this place has plenty of space. There are also 3 showers so great for a pre-work workout.

Intensity: Hard 

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