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This place has all the buzz in the world, with people claiming it's the best pizza in NYC. While the pizza is good, it’s nowhere near the best spot to get a good pizza in the city. This is very subjective as I love a traditional Sicilian pizza, with the perfect dough crunchy and thin but still doughy enough. Rubirosa pizza is a literal cracker with tomato sauce swiped on top. The notable pizzas there are the Vodka and four cheese. Note to everyone- just cause it's Bella Hadid's favorite, doesn't mean it will be yours. I would still go again, but definitely wouldn't wait for the typical hour line they have. The place itself is cute, very rustic lending itself to good date spot. Other than that its pretty meh.

Cuisine: Italian, Pizza                                                                                            

Location: Soho

Vibe: Classic

Favorites: Vodka Pie

Money: $$$


Pasquale Jones