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Keto Eggs & Turkey Bacon Breakfast

Ingredients: 1 serving

3 Eggs ( 2 egg whites + 1 egg)

2 Turkey Bacon strips ( I use Trader Joe's)

1/2 avocado 

1 tbs olive oil 

1 tbs red pepper flakes

1 tsp salt

Start with the Turkey bacon as it takes longest to cook. Heat skillet on high, add olive oil and place slices onto pan. While that cooks start to fry your 3 eggs. I use two egg whites and one normal egg. I like to cook them frittata style and just let them heat and crisp a little. While they are cooking cut 1/2 avocado and slice. Season eggs and avocado with red pepper flakes and salt. Once Turkey bacon starts to crips take off and place on paper towels- pat grease off and let cool down. Then enjoy! 


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