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Cafe Gitane

Amongst all the hip over-hyped brunch spots in NYC, this one actually deserves all the talk. Iv'e been coming here for years and it's always been a solid brunch spot in the perfect location. You never have to wait too long, the food is great and it's still very insta worthy. If it's nice out grab a table outside and sit and people watch. This place makes you feel like you're in some cute café in Europe somewhere, and I love that about it. Everything on the Moroccan themed menu is delicious, if you wanna go healthy the Arugula, beets salad and the avocado toast are yummyyy. If you wanna cure your hangover go for the Moroccan couscous. The menu has enough to please all parties on most occasions.

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Brunch

Location: Nolita

Vibe: Cute, Trendy

Favorites: Avocado toast, Arugala/ Beet Salad

Money: $$

Lil' Gem