Turks & Caicos

Months ago my boyfriend and I decided to take an extended weekend trip over President’s day weekend and really struggled on deciding where to go. I wanted to go somewhere I had never been, not too far from NYC and someplace sunny. After lots of googling we landed on Turks & Caicos! I didn’t know much about the island, but the pictures were gorgeous ,the flights were 2.5 hours and it was warm- so I was sold!

My expectations of Turks & Caicos were blown away. This is hands down one of the most amazing places on earth. The beaches are to die for. The water is so clear and shallow at some parts, you can walk almost a mile in the water and it will only hit waist deep. The sand is white and super soft and is a solid 80 degrees year round. This place is simply breathtaking.

We stayed in an amazing Airbnb. There are massive hotels here but seem overpriced when you can get a perfectly good airbnb and there is public access to all beaches. Renting a car is a must, even though the island is small you can’t get around on foot. There are so many different great beaches you have to access by driving through rough terrains. The food is also surprisingly great. Fresh fish, lobster and conch. If you want to be active on your holiday there is plenty to do here; boat, water skiing, tubing, banana boat, jet skis, snorkeling etc. They have tons of stuff to do. I chose to relax and explore all the different beaches there, drink and eat. We fell in love with this island and I literally cannot wait to come back!

Food: Stelle ( dinner), Da Conch (lunch), Parallel (dinner), Mango grove (lunch) Seven (dinner) Tiki Hut (lunch), Lemon2go (best coffee)

Nightlife: Infiniti bar, Bar at the Gansevort. There’s not a lot of nightlife here, dinners are great and bed after that!

Things to do: Go to ALL the different beaches! Malcom’s Beach (private beach you have to drive on very rough terrains to get there, but BEYOND worth it, Turtle’s bay beach (very shallow water and white sand beach), Sing Song Vila, The Shore club