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Workouts you have to try in NYC

Workouts you have to try in NYC

Box + Flow

Physique 57

I love barre, and there are sooo many different barre studios out there that you may think they are all the same, and honestly most of the them are, but Physique 57 is the only one that is different to me. I am obsessed with this place, it's way way harder than most and has more cardio and “dancing” involved. As someone who trains a lot and does a lot of HIIT and strength, I was skeptical of barre in general and thought Physique would be a walk in the park for me, but boy was I wrong. This works muscles you didn’t even think you had. The thigh portions of this class might actually be considered torture, ive been here too many times to count at this point and I can hardly make it through the full thighs and butt portion. If you want to feel like a match has been set off on your legs definitely come here. This place is fun and it’s a really hard workout. Whenever I feel like my butt is getting saggy I come straight here.

Level: Hard


If you live in NYC and are a female who has gone to a fitness class before, or follows any VS model, you have probably seen a promoted post for Rumble. This place has REALLY capitalized on the whole fitness and Instagram movement. The founders of this place literally ripped of Barry’s boot camp and replaced the treadmill with punching bags and paid a bunch of models and influencers to pretend like they go here often- fair play. I was soo resilient to try this place, because it has been splashed all over my Insta feed for the past few months I finally caved and bought a class. Now I absolutely love boxing, I think it’s a great workout and good way to let go of some of your anger. Before I proceed with this, I will say that I thought this was a boxing class rather it’s a boxing INSPIRED class (great marketing ploy here). So I was a little disappointed to find out I wouldn’t actually be sparing with someone, but I digress…Step into the dark class room that resembles a Barry’s studio room, DJ booth front and center with bags to the left and “floor” to the right the space. This feels more like a Brooklyn warehouse party than a workout class, but hey I’m here for it. You can choose to start on the bags or floor and switch between the 2 twice making for 4 rounds. I opted to start on the bags, the instructor yells at you what to do while the mirror monitors conveniently tell you what to do in case you get lost. Then you do the same for the floor portion. Overall I think this was a fun class, but I’ve definitely had harder workouts and I would by no means consider this actual boxing. I’ll go again for my second free class, but after that you probably won’t see me there too often.

Intensity: Medium


Workout: Brick is a CrossFit gym located in Chelsea and Grand Central. DO NOT let the "Crossfit" title discourage you from going here!

When I first heard of this place and saw the words cross fit, I was like no thank you not for me! Eventually, I worked up the courage to go to a B|X class and I am so glad I did. Brick is now one of my favorite gyms in NYC and a part of my weekly workout routine. It offers a really great strength and cardio challenge that I welcome.  Brick offers two classes-B|X and Bfit, where B|X is a HIIT class BFit is more of a crossfit class. I prefer B|X, but we all have our personal preferences! B|X classes always include 3 different cardio machines (the True form treadmill, rower, and air bike), as well as various CrossFit moves such as kettlebell swings, dumbbell presses and medicine ball burpees. The set-up is different every week-which i LOVE because I get bored really easily. It's typically EMOM style (every minute on the minute) or 45 seconds on 15 seconds off with 3 different moves at each station- typically a total of 4 stations.

Instructors: Not only is this a great workout but the instructors and the space are amazing! Katie is one of my favorite instructors at the Chelsea location. She is super sweet and walks you through every single move. She's also great at correcting you if you are in bad form.

Space:  The space at the Chelsea location is almost comically large for Manhattan. With 2 levels and 3 different studios, a juice bar area and a couch area to lounge, it's safe to say this place has plenty of space. There are also 3 showers so great for a pre-work workout.

Intensity: Hard

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